Angels Among Us

angels-among-usAngels Among Us (AAU) is a program designed to offer a support network and helpful resources to parents when their child is diagnosed with special needs. UAF knows what a trying and overwhelming time this can be for parents. Through the AAU program, hundreds of parents across the Wasatch front have received relief and been empowered by an ongoing network of parents who understand. From hospital and home visits, to parent lunches, group activities and seminars, the resources offered through AAU are all designed to help parents, families, and their special needs children to thrive.

If you or someone you know would benefit from the Angel’s Among us Program, contact us today.

AAU operates on the philosophy that the best way to help the child is to first help the parents, and it strives to do so by providing the following:

  • Each family is contacted and or visited by an experienced special needs parent with whom they can speak one-on-one in order to help resolve questions and concerns
  • Access to online resources that help special needs parents find answers to common questions
  • A network of parent mentors to help them create a plan for the child and their family, as well as offer support and encouragement
  • Educational seminars and other learning opportunities to equip the parent(s) with the right knowledge, skills, techniques, and training they will need in order to be confident and succeed
  • Opportunities and activities for the parent(s) and their families to develop a social support network with other families in the community who have children with special needs (including children with the same or similar condition as their child)
  • We focus on the family as a whole, which strengthens the family dynamic

History of the Program:
United Angels Foundation began providing basic AAU services starting in 2008, when founders Mark and Amber Leck realized that their experience of becoming special needs parents was not the experience that most parents had. When their daughter, Aubrey, was born with Down syndrome, they were completely shocked and felt as if their whole world was falling apart. However, while still in the hospital, they received a visit from a nurse that had an older daughter with Down syndrome. She visited with them at length and gave them hope. In those defining moments, she changed their perceptions of what their life would be and gave them courage to carry on. As Aubrey grew, Mark and Amber realized that most special needs parents never have this opportunity; instead they only get to speak to doctors and clinicians who can only provide them with medical advice sometimes leaving them feeling overwhelmed and unsure of the future. They created the Angels Among Us program so that they could offer other parents the same hope and relief that they received during those comforting hours in the hospital with a parent who could really empathize with their situation and provide hope for their future.