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iPads4Angels – Sponsored By Adobe

United Angels Foundation (UAF) is pleased to announce the launch of iPads 4 Angels, a technology grant program for special education classrooms in Utah. The iPads 4 Angels program was created to equip special education classrooms with with valuable technology aides, demonstrate the effectiveness of using iPads in special education, and encourage schools to invest in new technology for the education of children with special needs.

Special education teachers can apply to have as many iPads as needed for their classrooms. If accepted into the program, UAF will grant the devices for one year to the special education class. Educators will have to re-apply each year to continue to have access to the iPads in their classroom.

“There is no program of this kind currently in Utah,” says Mark Leck, President of UAF. “We hope to remove the fear of adapting technology in special education by offsetting the cost. We have seen through our members that using iPad technology with multi-sensory apps has greatly assisted in the learning and development of children with special needs.”

In order to qualify for the grant, special education teachers must be sponsored by a UAF member and agree to send in two reports each year on how the technology is being used, the response from the students and parents, and list of the most productive apps. The only cost for educators will be the purchase of the apps used on the devices.


How to Apply for iPads for Angels

1. Download the application
2. Submit the application via email, fax or mail:
Fax: 801-437-2215
United Angels Foundation
1411 W. 1250 S. Suite 310
Orem, Utah 84058
*Please mail your application before August 15th to be considered for the Fall school year.


How to Donate

Monetary donations for this program can be processed here. United Angels Foundation also accepts tax-deductible, in-kind donations of Apple iPad or iPad mini devices for use within the program. If you or your business is interested in donating devices to help support the program, please contact ipads4angels@unitedangels.org