Strategies to Access Inclusive Education

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~ Strategies to Access Inclusive Education presented by, Amy Allison from the Kansas City Guild ~

If you are wanting to learn more about the Individual Education Plan (IEP) that is set in place for individuals with special needs through your school district / and how to work with your childs team – this webinar is for you!

UAF had the opportunity to put on a parent training and an online webinar in April 2018 and have packaged that information to share with all of you who were unable to attend, or need a refresher.  Our hope is to provide you with great resources as you dive head first into the education systems, and assist you on your journey navigating education for your child with special needs.

In this presentation you will learn terms like:
  • IEP, IDEA, Fape and LRE
  • What is Inclusion
  • How to become an Effective Advocate
  • What is the Parents Role
  • Working with your IEP Team
  • Fostering Independence
  • Communication and Behavior
  • and much much more.
So be sure and check it out before planning your childs next IEP!
  • Below you will find the webinar recording to watch and a printable power point to follow along with. Plan for at least two hours to learn from one of the very best teachers!
It takes a community to advocate for the best education!

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